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actually crying

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I’m crying and can’t breathe omg

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"That’s what I’m talking about."

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Your Family.


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3x13 / 3x18


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this is not okay

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Convo between my dad and sister. I’ve been laughing for the past 10 minutes straight. 
Same amount of time it took my dad to type out that text.

Almost had an argument with my friend/roommate because we were watching Home Alone 2 (lol) and there’s a scene where Kevin is taking pictures atop the World Trade Center and I said, “It’s so crazy that I can so distinctly recognize something that doesn’t exist now when I couldn’t as a child” and my roommate goes, “what are you talking about, these were the most recognizable buildings ever” and I had to explain that being a girl from California that had only seen flashes of the buildings from Friends episodes means I did not know what they were/meant until they were gone and finally after her arguing that they were the most ~iconic things ever my roommate has the nerve to say, “well maybe I was just more cultured as a child”. Let me have my experiences while you have yours without denouncing the importance of certain events in my life.

It just made me so angry because I distinctly remember being an 11-yr-old kid being told we were being attacked and no one in my class could understand why or what was being attacked and I remember my 6th-grade teacher saying,” these buildings may not have seemed important yesterday, but they will be everything tomorrow.”


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Love this

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zayn - our moment bts (x)

My god the pretty

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this is the most important thing that has happened today

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